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Illustrious Master of Leadership

   Park Soo-churl, representative of the AINDF Pyongyang Mission sent article titled “Illustrious Master of Leadership” to the International KFA Meeting “Leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un”   in Tarragona, Spain.


Illustrious Master of Leadership


Today the DPRK enjoys the greatest heyday demonstrating its prestige as a powerful country throughout the world thanks to the outstanding leaders.

About 80 years-long history of the DPRK tells the dignity of a party reaches the highest level, national strength is displayed throughout the world and rosy future of a nation is guaranteed only when a nation is led by a great leader.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is the great master of leadership who is possessed of personality and qualification of a great man at the highest level and is ushering in a fresh heyday with his wise leadership.

Kim Jong Un has wrote the annals of glory to be recorded in history of the nation with his celebrated and sagacious art of leadership in the past 10 years.

The DPRK has displayed its might as a powerful nation by surpassing what others did in several centuries and making a rapid progress by dint of self-reliance in the past 10 years. The credit for the eye-opening reality goes to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the peerless patriot who has performed miracles of history.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un pushes ahead with the socialist construction to victory by setting forth scientific and revolutionary ideology and line.

Kim Jong Un, mindful of important responsibility for the destiny of the country and people and solemn duty for the time and revolution has put forward the adroit yet active policy and line adapted to changes in situation and led the Juche revolutionary cause dynamically.

As he provided a correct answer to the question arising in and out of revolution and construction including politics, national defense, economy and culture in time, the Korean people could make a great historic transformation breaking through the rigorous difficulties and trials in the revolutionary advance.

His ideology and line is not only a powerful treasured sword for carrying forward the revolution to victory but a beacon confidently steering the Juche cause of socialism to a new phase.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un opens up a new era of building socialist power with his seasoned and experienced leadership.

In the last 10 years when the DPRK was faced with manifold hardships and ordeals, moves of hostile forces to stifle sovereignty of the DPRK and its right to existence reached to the extreme.

Under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Un, the Korean people could bring about epoch-making changes to turn adversity unprecedented in history into the heyday of building up national power.

Thanks to his wise guidance, irresistible single-hearted unity of the DPRK was more firmly consolidated, powerful nuclear deterrence guaranteeing the eternal security of the country and people and the future of prosperity was made, and self-reliance of national economy was further more strengthened.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is a benevolent father of the people who provides them with highly civilized and happy life.

Juche 100s has been adorned with sacred feats achieved by the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards it as the supreme principle of its activities to promote the wellbeing of the people led by Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un set selfless devotion to the people as the mode of existence of the WPK and made a revolutionary party climate of giving top priority and absoluteness to the people’s life prevail throughout the party.

Thanks to the tireless effort of Kim Jong Un who has wrote people-loving legend with his resolution to always share the destiny with the people, the DPRK stamped out the spread of COVID-19 and attained the great victory in the epidemic prevention campaign unprecedented in history of the world health, and cheers of hurray for the WPK reverberate throughout the country.

Thanks to the wise guidance of Kim Jong Un, monumental edifices for the people including Songhwa District, Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District and Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm have been erected in succession under the manifold severe difficulties, and the work to provide more improved condition of bringing children up is brisk even when the condition becomes worst.

The Korean people have good luck of having Kim Jong Un on the highest post of the revolution.

Led by Comrade Kim Jong Un the DPRK emerges ever-victorious in the revolution and construction.

Thanks to his veteran and seasoned leadership, the AINDF and the world progressives full of confidence in and optimism about victory stage dynamic struggle for the cause of justice.

The world progressive people including ardent followers of the Juche idea speak highly of Kim Jong Un as the most outstanding statesman of the day with profound reverence toward him.

Victory and glory are in store for the Korean people and world progressives advancing along the road of Juche idea led by Kim Jong Un.

Long live the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un!

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