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Immediate revocation of confrontational policy

     South Koreans voice their dissatisfaction at the Yoon Suk-yeol regime’s pro-sycophantic and hostile policy toward north Korea.

The Yoon government deteriorates the situation on the Korean Peninsula by pursuing the policy of the US-centered diplomacy and security, it is hard to predict the improvement of inter-Korean ties as the Yoon regime is engaged in the US hostile policy towards north Korea, Lee, an expert in diplomacy and security affairs in Seoul expressed his concerns.

Yoon, who appointed ex-hardliners to positions of his government, is going to retrieve Lee Myung-bak’s worn-out assertions “747 commitments” and “denuclearization, opening and 3 000US$”, because of Yoon, being ignorant of where he is standing, the south Koreans live in anxiety, Park, a professor at a university in Gwangju deplored.

It is thoughtless that the Yoon government with no right of decision has reeled off invectives sparking backlash and response of north Korea. The military tension and deterioration of the situation would only spell a war, Kim, a doctor of political science in Incheon expressed his great worry.

It is ludicrous for the Ministry of Unification to raise its pitch about “principle” and “practicality”, its confrontational policy should be withdrawn without loss of time, a Gho, a member of a civic organization stressed.

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