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Immense admiration for great man

South Korean people’s intense reverence for President Kim Il Sung is unfathomable in different parts of south Korea on the threshold of the Day of the Sun.


“President Kim Il Sung is the greatest man who can be of no match to great persons in the history in terms of ideology, political caliber, personality, and exploits.”

Professor Lee Suk-gyu


“The President was born with the image of sun same with his august name. The south Korean people venerate him as the sun because they felt his great love comparable to the sun. His whole life was the history which was characterized by his love for the nation and mankind.

The south Koreans as well as world humanity highly admire him as the sun of love.”

Pressman Chang Suk-nam


“He supplied electricity of Soopung Hydropower Station cut off by the 38th parallel line and sent life giving water to the peasants of south Yonbaek plain by opening Kuam reservoir.

President Kim Il Sung, who distributed land free to the peasants in the period of past Korean War and put forward the workers as masters of the factory, is the benevolent father of the Korean nation.”

Lee Bok-soon, a citizen in Seoul


“The President’s motto was ‘The people are my God’.

High honor and dignity won by the DPRK and happy and fruitful life enjoyed by the north Korean people, these are the brilliant results of the President’s outstanding leadership and indefatigable efforts”.

Kim Sung-guk, a member of civil organization


“The President devoted his all to the cause of national reunification, saying that he could not fall asleep to think of the south Korean people’s suffering under the colonial rule of outside forces.

He devoted himself to the country’s reunification until the last moment of his life in spite of his advanced age of eighty.

The exploits performed by the President for the happiness and prosperity of the nation and the reunification will shine long along with the national history”.

Chang Soo-nam, a reunification activist

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