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Immense National Power

Foreigners, who saw a parade of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and Pyongyang mass demonstration on the occasion of the 65th founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, unable to repress their excitement, stated their feelings. 

N. Sarantuya, a member of the Leadership Council of the Mongolian Mt. Paektu Association for Independent Development said that he sent congratulations to the DPRK people who are significantly celebrating the birthday of the DPRK and went on:  

I am happy to see the parade of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and Pyongyang mass demonstration on the occasion of the 65th founding anniversary of the DPRK.

I am amazed to see the parade.

I am encouraged by the columns of parade full of the militant and valiant spirit. 

The parade and mass demonstration gave a glimpse of a tremendous national power of the DPRK.

I am sure that the DPRK people would build a thriving nation in the near future under the wise leadership of H.E. Kim Jong Un.

General Secretary Sheikh Rafiqul Islam Bablu of the Bangladesh Institute of the Juche Idea stressed: 

I saw the parade and civilian demonstration with deep emotion.

The columns of parade marched in fine array.

Their faces showed the great pride of having the illustrious commanders born of Heaven and defending their country creditably.

The DPRK civilian defense force has a strong capability enough to smash any formidable enemy. 

The parade clearly showed invincibility of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards that provides a sure guarantee for the accomplishment of the socialist cause of Juche.

No enemy can overpower the DPRK people who have the single-hearted unity and a powerful military muscle.

The Bangladeshis will always stand on the side of the DPRK people.

Vice-Chairman Gennady Kulikov of the Far Eastern Association for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism of Russia noted that the parade is wonderful and expressed his feeling. 

The DPRK has advanced along the road of victory, tiding over manifold difficulties.

The DPRK has been turned into a socialist power independence in politics, self-support in the economy and self-reliance in national defense. It is unthinkable apart from their outstanding leaders.

I came to know well about the DPRK through the celebrations.

The DPRK’s single-hearted unity is more powerful than any up-to-date military hardware.

No one in the world can match with the DPRK that is rallied around its leader.

The parade and civilian demonstration clearly proved it.

Alejandro Cao de Benos, chairman of the Korean Friendship Association headquartered in Spain said that the DPRK people are strong one with the might of unity and went on:

The participants of mass demonstration passed by the rostrum, sending up rousing cheers to Marshal Kim Jong Un.

They were full of will to remain faithful to their leader.

Words failed to describe the honor of having an audience of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

It can be seen only in the DPRK where the leader and people formed an integral whole. 

The national power and dignity of the DPRK were fully demonstrated through the parade and mass demonstration.

I am confident of invincibility of the Korean socialism.

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