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Immense yearning for great men

There is the world of irresistible yearning in the DPRK rare to be found in the world.

The leader and people are longing for each other as they are linked by blood ties.

The DPRK people have built a socialist state independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defense with strong yearning for President Kim Il Sung, making headway against the severe difficulties. They laid solid foundations for a thriving nation in the face of the harshest ordeals with ardent yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Their noble spirits develop higher in the era of Kim Jong Un.

The DPRK people are longing for the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un awake or asleep.

They keep his great image deep in their mind as they witness miraculous fruition made by him.

The dignity and pride of the DPRK is sky-high and a period of prosperity of construction is opened up. The strategic position of the DPRK came to the fore and a new age of a strong nation desired by the people is opened.

The world people have great admiration for the DPRK in which the leader and people are yearning for each other and linked by blood ties. They boundlessly revere Kim Jong Un who is ushering in heyday of a fresh era.

They highly speak of him as “strong and smart leader”, “leader of resolute character”, “a man possessed of excellent diplomacy”, “leader with strategic view”, “the most ideal state leader of contemporary age possessed of great personality and quality” and  “a great and powerful leader who is born only once in several centuries”.

The DPRK is under the global spotlight as it is led by Kim Jong Un who shows all the love he could do for his people, lends an ear to the people’s opinion and dedicates his all to the people without a rest.

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