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Immortal exploits for independent cause

President Kim Il Sung is a rare political veteran who made titanic contributions to pioneering and progress of the independent era throughout his life.

He put forward the working masses as the master of their own destiny who shape their destiny independently and creatively by fathering the immortal Juche idea, the revolutionary idea unprecedented in human history.

His Juche idea not only made DPRK dignified as ever victorious socialist country but also aroused the unanimous support and response from the world people.

The number of follower of the Juche idea is on the increase on a daily basis and the Juche idea study organizations were formed in many countries.

The world progressive people have turned out in the struggle for independence under the banner of the Juche idea and found their way to the independent development.

The Juche idea captivated all the people, transcending skin, nationality, religion and political view.

The Juche idea remains invariable when the socialist countries collapsed one after another in the close of the 20th century.

The world progressive people, who were in a flurry due to crumbling of socialism, had a new hope of revival of socialism. 

The Juche idea is shining more brilliantly by another illustrious great man Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The world people are waging a vigorous struggle for realizing the human cause of independence, admiring the DPRK where the Juche idea is fully embodied.

The immortal exploit of the President who propounded the Juche idea and devoted his all life to the victorious advance of the independent era is the greatest one to be recorded in the history.

Today, the world progressives are expressing their boundless respects and admirations at President Kim Il Sung as the pioneer of the independent era and world political elder.


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