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Immortal Exploits of Party Building

Leader Kim Jong Il delivers a concluding speech at the

3rd  Conference of Ideological  Workers of the Workers’ Party of Korea

June 19 this year marks the 52 anniversary of Leader Kim Jong Il’s start of work at the Central Committee of the WPK.

In general, a party is called as a general staff of revolution.

It means that the future and destiny of the revolution depend on the leadership of party. But, a party can perform its mission and duty only when it follows the wise leadership of the great leaders. It is well-proved by the victorious Korean revolution led by the great leaders and by failed revolution of some countries where the renegades of revolution took power.

52 years ago, Leader Kim Jong Il solemnly declared that the WPK must be developed as the glorious party of Comrade Kim Il Sung forever.

In his early years, he defined the essence of the revolutionary party as the party of leader and political leading organization that realizes the leadership and idea of the leader. With energetic ideological and theoretical activities, he formulated the revolutionary idea of the President Kim Il Sung as Kimilsungism to lay firm foundations for developing the WPK into the genuine party of the President.

The Kimilsungist party has shown only the way for victory and glory.

The WPK has been awarded the unprecedented titles of the most experienced party, the ever-victorious party and motherly party.

These are attributable to the noble fruition of Leader Kim Jong Il, the eternal leader of the WPK, who was a peerless veteran statesman and the personage of love and benevolence.

The south Korean people have a great reverence and affection for him who developed the WPK into the ever-victorious party and accomplished immortal exploits for the nation and country.

At the forum on the theme of “WPK and the Key to Victory” held in Seoul, the speakers said as followings. Only the invincible WPK has achieved the solid single-hearted unity. The ever-victorious history of it is the history of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il acclaimed by the Korean people as their leaders for the first time in their history of five thousands of years. Succeeding to the tradition, the WPK will be impregnable as an eternal Juche-oriented party in future.

A dissident spoke out his mind as followings.

 “The WPK has true looks of a genuine party. The north Korean compatriots call the WPK motherly party. The reason is that the party secures the political life of the members of the society and their life.

The appearance of it is like a noble mother.

Leader Kim Jong Il built the WPK as a motherly party for the popular masses and led the party along the way to serve the people and place the people’s interest above all else.”

Now the exploits and cause of building the Juche-oriented revolutionary and mass party achieved by Leader Kim Jong Il are being successfully carried forward by Chairman Kim Jong Un.

As he was elected as the Chairman of the WPK at the 7th Congress of the WPK in May, the WPK has been strengthened into the eternal Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist party and the bright future of Juche Korea has been assured.

Under the wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un, the victorious history of the WPK will be everlasting and it will demonstrate its majestic appearance as an invincible revolutionary party, motherly party and steel-like party more and more.
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