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Immortal exploits

President Kim Il Sung on Mt. Paektu

Immortal exploits

The birthday of President Kim Il Sung is approaching.

Ahead of the 108th birth anniversary of the President, the Korean nation and humanity are looking back the immortal exploits performed by the President with their reverence for him.

President Kim Il Sung, who was born at Mangyongdae in Pyongyang at the time when the Korean nation underwent sorrow of statelessness, devoted himself to carve out the destiny of the nation and make the bright future of the nation and mankind for over 80 years of his life.

He fathered the Juche idea in his teens with his correct insight to illuminate the road to be followed by the Korean nation and mankind and made a guiding principle for the era of independence.

 The President achieved the historic cause of national liberation by waging the bloody war against Japanese imperialists for 20 years and created victorious myth by defeating the US imperialists in the three year-long Korean War in the 1950s.

 He built an earthly paradise for the nation in the DPRK, sharing weal and woe with his people, and made an independent, self-supporting and self-defensive socialist state.

President Kim Il Sung advanced fair and reasonable proposals for national reunification such as the three charters for national reunification to lead the people to the movement for reunification in order to reunify the country at an early date.

The president, who is highly being respected by and alive in the hearts of mankind, made distinguished service for the realization of global independence, steering the world politics of the 20th century with his energetic external activities.

He gave perfect solution to the issue of succession to the leadership with his farsightedness so that the Korean people have been blessed with illustrious leaders generation after generation. A sure guarantee for the accomplishment of the Juche revolutionary cause is the greatest of the President’s exploits.

President Kim Il Sung is the sun of Juche and great saint of the Korean nation who performed titanic exploits on behalf of the nation, times and history with his superb idea, wise leadership, high morality and ability.

 Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is making his country and people dignified with august names and images of the preceding leaders by developing the cause of immortalizing the great leaders on a new level with his noblest moral obligation.

Thanks to the Supreme Leader, the President is alive in the minds of the people along with the April and his outstanding exploits.

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