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“Impeachment day”

Mar. 10 is the day on which Park Geun-hye was impeached by scandal of “state affairs” and illegality.

The south Korean people call the day the “impeachment day” when she was impeached first time in constitutional history of south Korea.

On the day, the opposition parties and civic organizations lashed out at Park and her political party the United Future Party.

Three candidates of the People’s Party running for parliamentary seats launched one-man demonstration to withdraw the UFP outside the office of the UFP in Busan.

The letter written by Park in jail provoked a public outcry. We made determination to punish the UFP in the upcoming general election, they expressed.  

The Solidarity for National Sovereignty issued an appeal on Mar. 9.

March 10 marks the third anniversary of impeachment of Park. But the Saenuri Party which should have been impeached with Park at that time is at large without any punishment. They are the great fraudulent group which repeats separation and unity, changing the name of the party. We cannot vote for those who bankrupt democracy, disturb peace and sell out the national sovereignty. The upcoming general election must punish the conservative forces and the UFP which are dreaming of Park’s revival.

Let’s give a stern punishment to the UFP, the main force of the scandal of “state affairs” in the upcoming general election, the appeal stressed.
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