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Impudent chief criminal


On April 27, the second trial was held against Chun Doo-hwan who was prosecuted for criticizing a witness, who saw helicopters of the Martial Law Force fired at the citizens with machine gun in the May 18 Gwangju Popular at the Gwangju District Court.




But Chun denied all suspicion of crime and sought for sleep with folded arms at the court.

Political parties and civic organizations are strongly demanding a strict investigation into the Gwangju massacre.

The civic organizations had rallies to condemn Chun outside the Gwangju District Court.

Journalists had one-man demonstration around the court.

And they had a press conference in demand of Chun’s arrest.

Chun described the May 18 popular uprising as a riot and this is an insult to the victims. The struggle against Chun is the only answer to vent the grudge of the victims and Gwangju citizens, the participants said.

Chun will be recorded as the shameless criminal of in the history. He will be faced with a stern punishment, the ruling and opposition parties censured.

The south Korean people from all social standings sharply demand a thoroughgoing investigation into the Gwangju massacre and stern punishment of Chun on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Gwangju Popular Uprising.


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