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In condemnation of introduction of the THAAD equipment

     Reportedly, in south Korea, an organization conducting action to stop THAAD deployment held a press conference to strongly denounce violent introduction of equipment for improving performance of the THAAD by the Yoon clique before the presidential office.

The participants unveiled that the Yoon clique brought equipment for improvement of THAAD in the THAAD base in Soseong-ri of Seongju County, North Gyeongsang Province under the escort of the  police on a large scale despite strong opposition of the inhabitants at midnight.

The THAAD improvement is carried out with operating radar in a forward deployment way and strengthening its capability to detect, track and identify, the US is attempting to fortify its antimissile defense setup and build up antimissile defense system of south Korea, the US and Japan through the THAAD deployed in south Korea, they disclosed.

Moreover, normal operation and improvement of the THAAD being pushed forward by the US and south Korea will cause intensification of the arms race in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, and threat to peace and sovereignty not to mention violation of the residents’ daily life and human rights, they censured.  

They expressed their will to continue an unyielding struggle against THAAD accusing the Yoon clique of taking the THAAD equipment in south Korea without letup by force.

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