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In condemnation of pro-Japanese remarks

     It was reported in the press of south Korea that “the Ulsan Committee of the Party for Progress” held a news conference at which Chung Jin-seok, chairman of emergency measure committee of the People’s Power Party was strongly denounced by his distortion of history and pro-Japanese utterance.

The party noted that Chung posted an article on his SNS the contents of which is that Korea was ruined not because of Japanese invasion but of corruption from within, Japan overpowered the Qing Dynasty and Russia by forces, the Korean Feudal Dynasty was ignorant and incompetent thus ruined. It is a frivolous understanding of history which makes the people doubtful of their own ears, foolish remarks made by the head of the ruling party unprecedented in history, it is nothing but a revelation of the view on colonial history of Japan with which it justified the invasion of Korea, and shows the humiliating stand of the Yoon regime toward Japan, it sharply criticized.

Though 77 years have elapsed since the liberation of Korea, no sincere apology and reflection for colonial domination and crimes committed by Japan have been made, it is because the off-springs of pro-Japanese forces have gained power through generations while distorting history and engaged themselves in submissive acts towards Japan. Chung should make apology for his remarks and Yoon and the ruling People’s Power Party should stop improvement of ties and military cooperation with Japan unless Japan makes apology for its past crimes, it demanded.

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