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In condemnation of “the south Korea-US nuclear consultative group” meeting

Of late, the National Action called the press and strongly denounced the convocation of the inaugural meeting of “the nuclear consultative group between south Korea and the US”.

The inauguration of “the south Korea-US nuclear consultative group” is nothing but a declaration of nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula, we are strongly opposed to the group igniting a war, the participants cried out.

Repeated hostile policy of the south Korea-US alliance toward north Korea has been a catalyst causing the vicious circle of war crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the Yoon Suk-yeol regime scheming to unleash a nuclear war in conspiracy with outside forces should be held accountable for the danger of war on the Korean Peninsula, they criticized.

South Korean people of every degree can never pardon the Yoon regime livening up war crisis by frequently introducing the US strategic assets into south Korea, they raised their voices.

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