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In condemnation of weaponry development

 Of late, the south Korean people from all walks of life condemn the authorities which have buckled down to developing weaponry, throwing inter-Korean agreements overboard.

The south Korean authorities have increased military expenditure to the maximum after 2008 and introduced all sorts of the latest weaponry. The south-north declarations were reduced to a scrap of paper due to continuous arms buildup, introduction of the latest war weaponry and war drills against north Korea. As a result, even resumption of north-south dialogue has become hopeless, the mass media and experts described.

The south Korean authorities’ publication of new-type weapon offered an opportunity to north Korea to bolster up its missile program. It would encourage armament race in the Korean Peninsula, some south Korean politicians said.

The civil organizations including the South Headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea’s Reunification vehemently censured the present south Korean authorities bent on war exercises against the same brethren, military buildup and development of arms. They are vocal about the south Korea-US alliance, pushing inter-Korean relationship to a total stalemate. 

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