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In demand of abolition of GSOMIA

The south Korean people have held rallies to denounce the south Korean authorities for renewing the general security of military intelligence agreement (GSOMIA).

 The south Korean authorities have disturbed peace, the desire of people, by offering military information to Japan. After all they succumbed to Japan, the US and Hwang, the head of LKP, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions criticized through the statement issued on Nov. 22.

The government’s decision on the renewal of GSOMIA accelerates vigorous struggle of the people. Unless the south Korean authorities exercise its sovereignty, the workers and people would launch the struggle, the statement stressed.

It said that the KCTU will carry on struggle continuously with the people, condemning the Moon government following the policy of world hegemony pursued by Abe and Trump.

On the same day, the KCTU and the Solidarity for Progress held candlelight rallies to denounce the decision to extend GSOMIA which is the shameful one without taking consideration of the public sentiment.

The students’ organizations including the Progressive Federation of Students of South Korea had rallies to impeach the decision of the authorities.

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