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In demand of dissolution of PPP

 Broad spectrum of south Korean people raise their voices in demand of dissolution of the Peoples Power Party.

South Korean women and pro-unification organizations strongly reprimanded the opposition PPPs assertion of closure of the Ministry of Unification and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. It shows their contempt for women and anti-national attitude toward reunification.  

The closure of the Ministry of Unification and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is their brainchild to speak against its rival for upcoming presidential election. The opposition party, which abuses the south Koreans and women for its political interests and creates discord among them, should be dissolved, they said.

Meanwhile, academic and civil organizations strongly point out the US force was occupation army not liberation army after Koreas liberation.

The term occupying forces was specified on Proclamation No. 1 of the U.S. Army Forces, Pacific Office of the Commanding General. The occupation army is historical truth which is listed on document, the academic circles noted.

However, the PPP asserts that the US force was the liberation army. This shows that the PPP is totally pro-US boot licking elements.

It is intolerable that the conservative elements including the PPP deny the term “occupying forces as it is senseless act for the sake of the US interests, the civic organizations of all strata denounce.

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