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In demand of dissolution of the south Korea-US alliance

 On April 10, the political parties and civil organizations including the People’s Democratic Party and the South Headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea’s Reunification had a press conference to demand dissolution of the south Korea-US alliance outside the south Korea-US Combined Forces Command.

The US instigates south Korea to confrontation with north Korea under the signboard of “tightened alliance”. We will launch a stubborn action until the unequal south Korea-US alliance is dissolved, they stressed.

The undisguised war game against the DPRK, the infringement of sovereignty and the US intervention in domestic affairs spark off surging indignation of the south Korean people. The US military domination over south Korea escalates the danger of war in the Korean Peninsula and threatens the dignity and soul of the nation, they condemned.

It is an urgent task before the times to withdraw the US troops, the root cause of war and trouble, from south Korea and dissolve the south Korea-US alliance. We will carry on vigorous action for peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula, they concluded.

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