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In demand of dissolution of the UN Forces Command

 The voices demanding to dissolve the UNFC are ringing out more loudly.

The UNFC is nothing but an allied forces command under control of the US and has been out of control of the UN, it is a ghost which has no connection with the UN, an expert on analyzing situation in Gyeonggi province exposed.

He went on to say that international society strongly demands dissolution of the UNFC.

The US organized the UNFC illegally to make illicit use of the UN’s name for political and military purposes during Korean War, its intention to maintain the UNFC is to justify and perpetuate the US occupation of south Korea, a researcher in Seoul revealed.

Nonsensical situation which an individual state uses the name of the UN for evil purpose must be immediately removed, on the contrary, the US pursues the policy toward more strengthening of the UNFC, an expert on analyzing situation censured.

Broad segments of the people are growing vocal in demand of dissolution of the illegal and harmful UNFC for improvement of inter-Korean ties and, peace and security of the Korean peninsula.


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