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In demand of probe and punishment

Broad segments of south Korean people strongly demanded investigation into the sunken ferry Sewol which claimed 400 pupils and punishment of those responsible for it as five years have elapsed since sinking of Sewol.

The Ad Hoc Committee for Probing the Truth behind the Ferry Sewol Disaster affiliated to the Daejeon Headquarters of Movement for People’s Sovereignty and Removal of Evils on April 8 declared its plan to hold a joint memorial ceremony and pointed out that those who are responsible for the disaster should be disclosed and punished.

The Daejeon citizens said that they would work hard with the bereaved families of Sewoldisaster until the investigation into the disaster and punishment of those responsible for it prove clear. 

On April 16, Chung Jin-seok, member of the Liberty Korea Party and former member Cha Myoung-jin hurled curses upon the bereaved families of the Sewol disaster through their facebooks.   

The ruling Democratic Party, the opposition the Party for Democracy and Peace and the Justice Party pointed an accusing fingers at two men, saying that it is mockery at the dead children, the bereaved families and people.  

The Consultative Council of Families of Victims for Probing Truth about April 16 Ferry Sewol Disaster on April 15 called a press conference in Seoul to declare the list of punishment of those responsible for it, demanding the establishment of the special investigation team for the Sewol disaster. 

The list included 13 people including Kim Gi-chun of the presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae, Hwang Gyo-ahn of the former minister of Justice and Nam Jae-joon of the former head of the National Intelligence Service.  

It said through the statement that if criminals are allowed to go scot-free, the disaster would repeat. It said that it would make every effort to punish those responsible for it and called for opening the era of removal of evils.   
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