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In demand of resignation of Yoon

South Korean religionists turn out in the struggle to get the Yoon regime withdrawn.

50 south Korean religionists denounced at a Christian prayer meeting demanding withdrawal of the pro-Japanese traitor Yoon some days ago. The Yoon Suk-yeol regime declared that it would pay reparations to the victims of labor conscription forced by Japan with its voluntary donation. It is criminal act turning back the wheel of history and tragedy disgracing the souls of the champions of national independence.

They stated that the withdrawal of the Yoon regime is the wish of God facing up the lamentable reality and strongly demanded resignation of the pro-Japanese regime.

Meanwhile, 148 professors including Inha University strongly denounced solution to indemnity for labor conscription forced by Japan and policy toward Japan of Yoon group.

Sharply condemning Yoon’s submissive pro-Japanese diplomacy at March 16 south Korea-Japan summit meeting, they demanded Yoon regime make an apology to the south Korean people and repeal solution to forced labor through a statement.

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