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In demand of step-down of Yoon

    According to the south Korean mass media it was reported that the students affiliated to the civil organization held the “first candlelight rally urging Yoon Suk-yeol to step down” to denounce Yoon traitors in Seoul on Nov. 12

Yoon’s group made unprecedented primary attack targeting at middle and senior high school students never known in the past regime. The authorities all went out to repress students criticizing the work concerning cartoon “Yoon’s train” depicting Yoon.

We, Students who are fed up with Yoon’s brutalities decided to hold candlelight and Yoon group subjected students to pressure. False news were circulated against our candlelight rally and stepped up repression, they continued.  

All of power organs such as Seoul city administration came forward to threaten students not to hold candlelight using all types of intimidation. Yoon’s group is so afraid of students holding the candlelight that they put pressure on them, they asserted.

Though they make thoughtless remarks that today’s rally is held at the instigation of adults and with bribes, we are here on volition. Yoon regime must make an apology instead of suppressing freedom of speech of students. Yoon who is engrossing in political suppression and wielding a sword of retaliation against students must be given severe punishment, they denounced in the end.

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