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In demand of suspension of joint military game

The Peace Action on Korean Peninsula consisted of more than 740 organizations had a peace march in demand of suspension of south Korea-US joint military drill.

Participants strongly demanded discontinuance of confrontation, saying that thirteen thousand of south Korean army are involved in Ssangryong military game.

In the march, there were fluttered placards “against antagonism, for peace”, “we feel uneasy about breakout of war”, “stop south Korea-US joint military exercise” and “no peace with large-scaled military threat”. The participants carried with slogan-board “stop south Korea-US joint military game inviting a war”, “no south Korea-US war maneuver for nuclear preemptive strike against north Korea” and “Yoon Suk-yeol regime should stop introduction of strategic nuclear weapons from the US”.

Meanwhile, the Labor Headquarters of South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration demanded suspension of large-scaled south Korea-US joint military exercise.

It revealed that the military drill to be conducted with the involvement of the US strategic assets according to the plan of “preemptive strike” including “removal of the north Korean leadership” would aggravate the situation of the Korean Peninsula, though it has been billed as an “annual one with defensive nature”.

The south Korea-US alliance is not a prerequisite for peace of the Korean Peninsula. The Yoon regime should stop south Korea-US joint military game and abrogate the south Korea-US alliance, it sharply demanded.

The laborers desirous of peace and removal of war crisis on the Korean Peninsula strongly demanded halt to the joint military game.

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