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In demand of suspension of military drill

Of late, 843 civic organizations including the Peace Action on the Korean Peninsula strongly demanded suspension of south Korea-US joint military game through a joint statement.

They demanded immediate halt to south Korea-US joint military drill Freedom Shield saying that the military exercise which starts from 13th to 23rd of March escalates the danger of war on the Korean Peninsula.

Ten members of the organization staged demonstration carrying placards “stop south Korea-US joint military game Freedom Shield.

Meantime, a civil organization condemned the military drill which exacerbates the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The Yoon Suk-yeol regime conducts the largest-scale south Korea-US joint military game with the US. We cannot allow Yoon who jeopardizes safety of the people only taking precedence over south Korea-US alliance, they called for the people to punish Yoon.

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