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In demand of suspension of south Korea-US joint military drill

Voices are being raised within and without in demand of immediate halt to south Korea-US joint military game.

The Preparatory Committee for Promoting the Reunification for National Independence and Great Unity strongly demands cancellation of war exercise targeted against north Korea by launching one-man demonstrations of “Joint Action for Suspension of south Korea-US Joint War Game”.

Yoon Suk-yeol has offered blood tax screwed out from the people to the US and reduced its ties with Japan to subordinate relationship in favor of the US regardless of deterioration of south Korean workers and peasants’ livelihood by the economic crisis. The Yoon regime bent on tightening the south Korea-US alliance and south Korea, US and Japan alliance demanded by the US turns its face from the people’s suffering, being engaged in servility, the participants charged.

The fascist policy pursued by the Yoon regime has turned out to be an established one as north Korea-targeted war and the south Korean people are destined to serve as bullet-shields for traitor Yoon. The south Koreans are anxious about where the bullets would come from and when the bomb would explode. The people’s bitter criticism at the Yoon group reaches to the extremes, they condemned.

The joint military game targeted against north Korea would lead to an all-out war and foment rearmament of Japan, the dependence on foreign force and treacherous act of the Yoon clique invite a real war, they said.  We cannot entrust our future to the Yoon group, shock brigade of the US. Let’s avert war and block the south Korea-US joint military drill for peace and bring down the Yoon clique and force south Korea and the US to stop war game with the united efforts, they appealed.

Meanwhile, Korean overseas organizations including “Solidarity of overseas compatriots for peace on the Korean Peninsula” have carried out joint action in demand of immediate halt to the south Korea-US joint military exercise from February.

The organizations posted the pictures on the Internet demanding suspension of the military drills and 20 civil organizations and individuals produced a video clip with 160 pictures to open it to the public.

In the video clip, they expressed their objection to the war exercises against north Korea, while expressing criticism to the Yoon group creating volatile situation on the Korean Peninsula.

They made public their plans that during joint action period, they staged anti-war struggle including seminars, meetings and demonstrations on the Internets and would wage various activities in the future, too.

On the other hand, 844 organizations throughout the world held press conferences to issue joint statements in demand of cancelation of south Korea-US joint military drill fostering military confrontation and the danger of war on the Korean Peninsula.

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