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In denunciation of a hundred day assumption of the Yoon regime

 The Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front on August 18 made public an indignation statement in denunciation of crimes committed by south Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol during his one hundred days of inauguration.

Dependence on foreign forces and sycophancy are rampant to the extremes, danger of war and inter-Korean confrontation rackets reached their height during the hundred days of Yoon’s inauguration. It was 2 400 hours during which the dictatorial rule was enforced to purge off democracy and the people’s rights, the statement said. The successive south Korean rulers left their sinful footprints, however, there were no anti-popular rulers and special-class criminals such as Yoon who committed great sin during the hundred days of his inauguration, the statement censured.      


The indignation statement went on:

First, south Korean people vehemently denounce the hundred-day long history of treachery dotted with pro-US and Japanese proclivities.

As soon as Yoon won the presidency, he gave the big eye to master of the White House to implore for reconstruction and tightening of south Korea-US alliance before the advent of new regime by dispatching a delegation to the US for consultation of the south Korea-US policy.

He met the US delegation which took part in the presidential inaugural and described the south Korea-US alliance as a linchpin and pledged himself to be a special class pro-US henchman. He invited the US President to Seoul in a matter of ten days after his inauguration to offer a gift of economic alliance fattening the interests of the US.

He participated in the NATO summit that no successive south Korean rulers dared to attempt and volunteered to play a vanguard role in establishing a “new cold war order” designed by the US. He sent riff-raffs of the government, parliament and the financial circles to the US in July to take part in an unveiling ceremony of the Wall of Remembrance.

 He supports Japan’s ambition to be a military giant and its tendency of veering to the Right and does not hesitate to say the tightening of the military nexus between south Korea, the US and Japan and invasion of the Japanese “Self-Defense Forces” in case of a contingency on the Korean Peninsula.

He set improvement of south Korea-Japan ties as the foremost task of the new regime such as resumption of shuttle diplomacy of summit.

The one hundred-day long sins committed by the Yoon regime is unpardonable as it has reduced south Korea into a permanent tributary of the foreign forces with its dependent and treacherous attitude and inflicted unimaginable disgrace and submission upon the south Koreans.  

Secondly, the south Korean people strongly condemn the history of one-hundred day against reunification and peace derailing inter-Korean ties and pushing the situation of the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a war.   

The true color of Yoon who seeks for inter-Korean confrontation was revealed during the one hundred days of his inauguration.

He has clamored about “suspension of north Korea’s nuclear program and practical denuclearization” and made inter-Korean confrontation as its policy by proclaiming north Korea as the “chief enemy”. He has made frantic effort to realize “unification through absorption based on liberal democracy”.  

He offered equipment for scattering anti-north Korea leaflets to the north Korean defectors bodies and manipulated behind the scenes to infect north Korea with Corona virus. He is going to establish the “North Korean Human Rights Foundation” within this year, appointed the “ambassador of international cooperation for north Korean human rights” and lent an impetus to revision of clauses of “north Korean human rights act”.

The situation of the Korean Peninsula is inching close to a nuclear war because of belligerency of Yoon.

 From the outset of his inauguration, he has prattled “north Korea’s provocation and threat”. Whenever an opportunity presented itself, he has blustered “peace through strength” and “security through strength”. He revived 3K system of south Korean style targeting north Korea.

He allowed deployment of the US strategic assets and extension of scale of south Korea-US joint military exercise with the result the joint drills have been conducted on the ground, and in the sea and air. He sent military officials to the US to take part in the exercise for infiltration into north Korean nuclear facilities and combined special operation for decapitation.   

The south Korea-US joint military exercise Ulchi Freedom Shield is aimed to ignite the fuse of war against north Korea to all intents and purposes.

The one hundred-day long inauguration of Yoon, who threw inter-Korean ties into nadir with his vicious moves of inter-Korean confrontation and dangerous war maneuver against north Korea and put the Korean Peninsula on the chopping board, was stained with anti-reunification and peace acts.   

Thirdly, the south Korean people sternly punish the hundred days of Yoon’s inauguration during which democracy and the people’s rights were seriously violated with the revival of the era of fascist prosecution dictatorship and plunged the people’s livelihood and economy into recession with anti-popular policy.    

The appearance of the Yoon regime was production of prosecution dictatorial regime of Yoon style, the renewal of dark age of fascism and a prelude to a “witch hunt” of modern version.   

He set up the prosecution, police and National Intelligence Service with his close confidants and created a new public security situation to ostracize politically the figures of the former regime, members of the opposition parties and opponents. He makes desperate bid to outlaw the progressive organizations.   

Injustice judges justice in south Korea and it is reduced into a dark society where basic public livelihood and democracy are trampled down and a theater of illegality and immorality owing to outrageous fascist suppression of the Yoon regime surpassing the era of past military despotism.   

Yoon brought economic stagnation with his politics for conglomerates and anti-workers policy to make prices go up to the maximum.  

Countless are the workers who are dismissed by the south Korean authorities’ retrogressive labor law, every sorts of accidents in workplaces and miserable death of the workers.  

The youth in their 20s and 30s abandon their slender hopes of future and the people eke out a precarious living under fabulous amount of debt.

Yoon’s commitments of economy and the public welfare are reduced to a blank sheet of paper in three months.  

Yoon and his group will not be able to escape a stern punishment by history and the people for the crimes they committed during the one hundred days.

The south Korean people should make an all-out effort to drag Yoon, the root of all evils, down from the presidency at once with candlelight resistance.

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