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In denunciation of attempt at involvement in the presidential election

 Of late, broad strata of the people strongly denounce the US involvement in the presidential election.

The National Preparatory Committee for Independence, Democracy, Peace and Reunification, and the People’s Sovereignty Solidarity, and the Progressive Federation of University Students of south Korea, held a rally.

Don’t make an attempt at involving in the presidential election, this land is not a colony of the US, they raised their voices.

As the day of presidential election is now close at hand, the US casts blight over this land.

A few days ago, the US administration dispatched a high-ranking officer of the State Department and a Senator to Seoul to tap their “view of alliance” and “sense of direction” of the ins and the outs candidates for the presidency.

Directors of the main bureaus and the Asian general managers of the New York Times Company, too, who visited south Korea in profound secrecy had a closed interview with the candidates for the presidency to grip their ideas in dealing with tightening of south Korea-US alliance the other day.

Visits of the figures in the US politics to south Korea is not only a pressure that whoever a president is, he must be obedient to them, but also an open intervention giving a hint that whoever engages in realizing a policy of the US administration will be elected, the press criticized.

When the elections came up, the US has been proved to back its henchmen up actively after understanding of the tendencies of the candidates.

History shows that the US backed its henchmen up actively after understanding of the tendencies of the candidates when the elections came up.

As the people keenly feel that the US has taken an active hand in every aspect of politics of south Korea throughout history and reality, they wage a vigorous struggle against the US.

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