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In denunciation of fanning tension

An action was held in Seoul to oppose the deployment of U.S. strategic weapons and restitution of the U.S. military base with broad segments of people involved.

They sponsored the rally carrying placards written “No deployment of U.S. strategic weapons hampering peaceful holding of Pyeongchang Olympics”.

The co-representative of the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty charged that while the U.S. advertises “support of inter-Korean dialogue” and “successful holding of Winter Olympics”, it is laying hurdles in the way for settlement of the issue of the Korean nation, and called upon all the citizens to stage a massive struggle against the U.S. and war.

They shouted “U.S. troops, get out of this land” toward the U.S. military base after staging the protest.

Meanwhile, the Busan-Gyeonggi Association of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea’s Reunification and other organizations in Busan region held a rally opposing the deployment of U.S. strategic weapons and demanding the closure of its germ weapons laboratory.

The U.S. is throwing a wet blanket over the Winter Olympics in which the south and the north of Korea take part; however, the global sentiment is critical of the U.S., they said and called for the participants to further intensify anti-U.S. action. 

In Daegu members of organizations and citizens staged a rally and a demo outside the U.S. forces base, holding such slogans as “U.S. troops, go out of south Korea” and “Peace Olympics disturber Trump, shut up”.

Similar actions were also launched in Gwangju and other parts of south Korea.

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