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In denunciation of pro-Japanese sycophancy

South Korean people unleash their wrath on the south Korean authorities’ humiliating diplomacy toward Japan.

Of late, a civic organization strongly urged the Yoon Suk-yeol group to repeal the “solution to forced labor”.

Japan’s apology and compensation are not mentioned in the solution to the forced labor drawn by the Yoon regime. The solution is the one to acquit Japan of its past crimes and turn historical matters into bargain. It is totally diplomatic defeat, they deplored in a protest letter to the south Korean authorities.

They noted that the Yoon Suk-yeol administration creates such a dangerous situation which allows Japan to set its foot on the Korean Peninsula while conniving at the rearmament of Japan.

The solution is the one trampling down the honor and dignity of victims of the forced labor. If it is introduced without Japan’s recognition of its war crimes and apology, the Yoon administration would face with a stern punishment of the history, they condemned.

Meanwhile, the civic organizations in South Gyeongsang Province held a press conference concerning compensation for the forced labor during the Japanese colonial rule to condemn the government for hastening the solution to the compensation of the forced labor and tightening the south Korea, US and Japan military alliance.

Accusing the Yoon’s group persisting in the negotiation against the victims of Japanese forced labor, they warned that they would launch a campaign to get the government withdrawn if it keeps on the solution of distorted compensation of the forced labor.

After the press conference, they shouted the slogans “condemn the Yoon regime selling off the country”, “withdraw the solution to the forced labor” and “denounce the Yoon group acting as a spokesman for the Japanese government”.

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