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In denunciation of Yoon regime

    A few days ago, the Federation of the Korean Women’s Association of South Gyeongsang Province held a press conference. At the press conference it said that the Yoon Suk-yeol government defines north Korea as the “chief enemy” and has been hell-bent on nuclear war maneuvers and incites Japan’s militarization and reinvasion of the Korean Peninsula improving the south Korea-Japan ties and promoting military bond between south Korea, the US and Japan.

Permanent representative of the Association of Women for Peace strongly censured that Ulchii Freedom Shield is the offensive exercise for preemptive strike at north Korea and it is entitled as Ulchii Freedom Shield in a bid to evade the public criticism.

They are getting vocal that Yoon Suk-yeol should accept the public punishment with prudence and would face raged public indignation if he turns down the public demand and sings his own praises.

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