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In memory of two girls

On Dec. 1, the students of the Progressive Federation of Students of south Korea held a memorial service for two girls who was killed by an armored car of the US forces in south Korea 17 years ago.

The two girls were brutally killed by the armored vehicle of the US forces in south Korea in 2002. At that time, the nationwide candlelight rallies took place across south Korea to express their anger to the US.

They paid silent tribute to the schoolgirls. They denounced that the US army covered up the case without informing the bereaved families, the contents of joint investigation with the US was not true, and the outrageous attitude of the then US President Bush to the south Korean people who demanded apology of the US President and revision of SOFA.

The nationwide candlelight resistance has been started with the death of two schoolgirls and it has been developed into the ones against import of the US beef and for impeachment of Park Geun-hye, they said.

The unequal south Korea-US relations should be terminated as the US has put pressure on south Korea to increase the defense cost sharing by five times, contaminated environment of the US military bases and carried out illegal germ weapon test, they stressed.

And they demanded withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea.
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