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In opposition to deployment of THAAD

 The south Korean people from all walks of life file a strong protest with the military and the USFK against continuous introduction of various war supplies into THAAD base in Seongju County of North Gyeongsang Province.

Owing to deployment of THAAD without let-up, inhabitants is under  threat, sufferer from cancer is on the rise and some even died in villages nearby THAAD base, the military and the USFK don’t regard citizen as human, organizations censure.

Civic organizations including the Progressive Federation of University Students of south Korea and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions condemn the US and the present authorities for reducing this land to an advanced missile base of the US for an invasion of the north.

Deployment of THAAD is an invasion, we are against the scheme of the US to turn the Korean peninsula into a theater of war, they denounce.

Now broad segments of the people including residents of Soseong-ri and civic organizations, chanting slogans “No THAAD, peace!” and “Dig up THAAD, plant peace!” harden their determination to wage a vigorous action against THAAD deployment.

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