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In protest against the US demand for the increased upkeep of its forces

On Jan. 31, members of a student body held a surprise rally outside the US embassy to demand total reduction of upkeep of the US forces in south Korea.

They protested against the US demand for the upkeep of its forces and demanded the total curtailment of upkeep and withdrawal of its troops from south Korea at the news conference.

The Uncle Sam demanded the upkeep of its force as the US troops have protected south Korea, however, its forces are the front line unit to contain north Korea as well as China and Russia, they revealed.

The US army is stationing in south Korea to maintain hegemony in the northeast Asia not for protection of south Korea and it is the cause of inviting war. Accordingly, it is not the upkeep for the protection but subsidiary for the US troops in south Korea and war, they noted.

The US forces in south Korea have bedeviled the situation of the northeast Asia by staging war games and introducing strategic assets and did not pay fees for purification after contaminating the environment of south Korea, they disclosed.  

The US has engaged itself in the infringement of sovereignty and interference in internal affairs and the presence of the US army is an impediment to national reunification, they stressed. They strongly demanded the total curtailment of upkeep of the US forces and immediate pullout of the US forces out of south Korea.
After the end of the news conference, they had a confused fight with the riot police on the way to the US embassy to convey a protest letter.
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