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In pursuant to outside forces

     Of late, a meeting of security section chiefs of south Korea, the US and Japan was held in Hawaii.

Mutual assistant plan related to north Korea was discussed at the meeting.

Especially, nuclear issue of north Korea was the main issue, and they agreed on reactivation of high-level expansive deterrence strategy consultative group around the middle of September.

It is only hysterics of those who are scared off by the tremendous military muscle of north Korea.

North Korea is a nuclear power worthy of the name and a military power recognized by the world.

Facing up to north Korea is just like the case of kicking against the pricks.

War-like forces of south Korea, the US and Japan should be fully aware of who renders the situation of the Korean Peninsula tense and the change of the times before talking about the nuclear issue of north Korea.

The tripartite cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan in pursuant to the US strategy for supremacy would only trigger off strong denunciation of the Korean nation and the international community and escalate tension on the Korean Peninsula.

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