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In pursuit of Washington’s strategy plan for presidential election

According to overseas source, a confidential paper, on which the US has pushed forward a secret operation to elect Ban Ki-moon as next president of south Korea, has been discovered. A Korean resident in the US, who asked anonymity, said that there is a strategic plan for presidential race in favor of Ban in the confidential paper he acquired from a high-ranking official of the US political circle.      

The paper made by the US State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency noted that Ban should be elected as the next president and the strategic plan for the election for him had been discussed with Ban’s side behind closed doors. The operation, for its special character, should be proceeded in the next US administration, the attached paper added.       

The US plan has three parts:

First, rally the supporters as much as possible by building up public opinion that Ban is “a man of eminence” produced by south Korea.

Second, to this end, the US eggs the south Korean government on to sponsor “welcome ceremony” for him.

Third, the influential conservative mass media widely introduce Ban.       

It is aimed to keep the relationship between Ban and the US under the carpet and disintegrate his political opponents by taking advantage of the US influence over south Korea. They say that the US, to this end, invented scenarios as if there is a certain distance between the US and Ban and elaborated a plan to disintegrate and overpower his political rivals. 

It is understandable that there are no contacts between the US political camp and Ban while he expressed his will to run for president. It is plausible that the south Korean authorities are busy with “welcome ceremony” for Ban. The US dark tentacle of intervention in the presidential election has been stretched to south Korea.  

The US interference in internal affairs of south Korea is beyond imagination.

The south Korean people, who have suffered wretch plight by Park Geun-hye, a marionette of Choi Soon-sil, are apt to have another conservative regime with election of Ban by scenario of the US. Some mass media of south Korea described that the US got Ban’s weak point during his tenure of UN Secretary-General and intends to keep Ban under its thumb when he becomes master of the Blue House.   

Maybe Ban is optimistic about the victory in the upcoming presidential election, however, recent south Korean people’s candlelit action shows how a regime estranged from the people crumbles.   

Is it possible that Ban’s insatiable greed for power, with help of Washington, kingdom of machination, is agreeable to the public feelings? 
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