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Inauguration of the National Action

 Of late, the Peoples Joint Action held a press conference to rename the Peoples Joint Action to National Action.

The Peoples Joint Action which succeeded to the Peoples Movement Headquarters in the days of candlelight resistance is inaugurated as the National Action, the National Action declared at the press conference.

We will wage an unyielding struggle against those who deceived south Koreans and betrayed the spirit of the candlelight resistance by dint of general strike of the workers, and by concerted efforts of the peasants and the poor. We will make stubborn action to attain the right to live, justice, peace and prosperity, it pointed out at the press conference.

They shouted slogans Lets totally abolish the National Security Law through massive turnout of the people and Lets transform the society by struggle of the south Korean people.

Participants at inaugural ceremony of the National Action
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