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Indelible Trace Left in Panmunjom

Leader Kim Jong Il inspected the truce village of Panmunjom in November, 1996. 

It was a severe time when the US and south Korean puppets, trumpeting about “emergency” and “change of system” in the DPRK, were making a desperate bid to provoke a war against it, and the world people focused on the Korean Peninsula with tense look.

At that time, the leader inspected the truce village of Panmunjom.

His inspection dealt a hard blow at the enemies who were hell-bent on the stifling socialism and it was a great encouragement for the Korean people and world progressives.

It was a grand immortal act of brilliant commander to realize the Korean nation’s long-cherished desire, the national reunification.

He inspected the various places in Panmunjom including the monument to President Kim Il Sung’s autograph for national reunification. While inspecting, he made devoted efforts to hand down the reunified country to the generation to come.

The Korean people keenly felt the patriotic will of the leader who opened the way for national reunification in their mind.

The sovereignty and dignity of a nation are guaranteed by a great leader who has matchless courage.

Through his inspection of Panmunjom, the Korean and world people watched his adamantine pluck of brilliant Songun commander who remained undeterred by any formidable enemies. Now the various circles of south Korean people are raising their voices in admiration for the leader.

Thanks to the steadfast will of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to realize the lifelong desire of the preceding leaders, the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK are fully ensured. Under his wise leadership, the epoch of a reunified and thriving nation will surely come true.
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