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Inevitable Outcome of History

Inevitable Outcome of History

People say about accident and necessity in daily life. 
Kim Jong Un said in the following vein in his congratulatory speech at the military parade celebrating the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung held in Pyongyang on the Day of the Sun (April 15).

“The geopolitical position of the country is the same as ever, but the weak country of yesterday which was trodden underfoot as a theater of wrangling among big powers to expand the sphere of their influence, has now been turned into a proud political and military power and our people are demonstrating their dignity as an independent people whom no one dares to provoke. 
These miraculous changes that have taken place in the destiny of our nation are not just a fortuitous event which resulted from the lapse of time but an inevitable outcome of history brought about by the great President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il, who pioneered and led the Songun revolution.

The Korean Peninsula, sandwiched between big powers, had to regard sycophancy to big countries and national ruin as its fate, a hundred years ago. The Korean nation had to endure the yoke of Japanese imperialism for it had no strength with which to defend itself.  

The geopolitical position of the country is the same as ever, but the DPRK today is no longer a weak country that used to be in the past when it fell victim to the competition among big powers for their domination but has been turned into a political and military power. The Korean people have demonstrated their dignity as an independent people whom no one dares provoke.

 “The DPRK is not a big country out of 200 nations in the world, but it is not a small one in the light of international position and influence,” an Egyptian publication wrote in an article titled “DPRK dignified by dint of Songun.” 

Eye-opening change that has taken place in the destiny of the Korean nation is the necessity of the history provided by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, the pioneers and the leaders of the Songun revolution, to which they dedicated all their lives. 

The peerlessly great men authored many famous works and advanced propositions related to the Songun idea and politics that Songun is the only way for the DPRK to follow and led the arduous and difficult Songun revolution.

The Songun revolution pioneered and led by the President and Kim Jong Il could prove to be a revolution with its victory promised because it reflected the requirements of the era and embodied the scientific truth of the struggle for carving out the destiny of the popular masses.

The lives of the President and Kim Jong Il were totally dedicated to the Songun revolution.
A dramatic turn took place in the destiny of the Korean people thanks to the Songun revolution pioneered by the peerlessly great men with their indomitable will.

The Japanese imperialists could turn Korea into its complete colony, availing themselves of the competition among powers for their domination in the past but the DPRK remains unfazed in face of any threat of united actions by the U.S. imperialists styling themselves “the world’s only superpower” and their allies.

The DPRK today built by the peerlessly great persons will shed more resplendent rays under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un, another great sun of Songun.
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