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Infinite admiration for the WPK

June 19 this year is a significant day marking the 50th anniversary of Kim Jong Il‘s start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The history of his leadership over the WPK was an immortal history in which he performed great feats on behalf of the Korean nation and humankind with his outstanding political caliber.
“There are many parties in the globe; however, there is no revolutionary party such as the Workers’ Party of Korea which is riveted as a symbol for defending justice in the hearts of the people.

 “Though it is small in territory, north Korea enforces independent politics as the whole army safeguards with arms and the entire people support the WPK.”

 “The most distinguished feat Kim Jong Il performed was that he cemented the WPK as an invincible guiding force.”

The above-said facts are manifestation of the south Korean people who are confident of the bright prospects of the nation through the WPK which has etched great achievements to be brilliant with the nation, adhering to the revolutionary principle without a mistake in line and deviation.

 “There are many strife-torn nations in the world as they have no prominent leaders. However, north Korea, in which the leader and the masses are united with love and trust, makes its way to socialism of Juche under the guidance of the WPK,” a professor’s words in a forum held in Busan thrilled the audience. He continued that it is fortune and honor for the Korean nation to have such Party.

 “The WPK has developed into a mass political Party enjoying people’s absolute support and trust through a long period of struggle. The WPK displays its invincible might throughout the world, surmounting all difficulties by dint of Songun politics when the ruling parties of socialist countries in eastern Europe crumbled like a wet mud wall and when the imperialist allied forces were intensifying the moves to stifle north Korea,” an intellectual in Incheon said and highly praised Chairman Kim Jong Il who strengthened the WPK as a revolutionary one.    

Looking back upon the past, it was a miracle that north Korea is spotlighted as a citadel of socialism in the teeth of the imperialists’ vicious offensive to stifle north Korea.

 “A great leader makes a party great. As Chairman Kim Jong Il led the WPK, it has won victory after victory without a mistake in line and deviation in the vortex of rapidly-changing world situation,” a dissident in Seoul wrote in his article.

 “North Korea is a beacon of hope lightening the world progressive parties which lost their way in the political chaos. There are many political parties in the world, however, there is no party such as the WPK enjoying trust and support from the masses,” he said with confidence.

Now the south Koreans described the WPK, led by Kim Jong Un, another peerless great man, will be developed into the great party guaranteeing rosy future of the Korean nation and, in recent, a south Korean resident set up websites to post articles and videos in praise of Kim Jong Un.

Led by Kim Jong Un the victorious history of the WPK would be eternal and the dawn of a reunified nation will surely come true on the Korean Peninsula.
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