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Inflaming anti-US struggle

On Oct. 4, students of the south Korean Student Progressive Federation called a press conference in front of the US embassy.

They condemned the US which expressed its dissatisfaction with the south Korean air force’s flight over the Dok islet and intervention of internal affairs of south Korea such as its abolition of GSOMIA..   

Dok islet is an inviolable territory from the historical point of view. Though the US showed its neutral stand, but actually it stands by Japan, they criticized.

The US requested five billion US$ to the south Korean authorities at a recent meeting on defense cost sharing, the former is putting pressure upon the  latter to donate more money though the former spends astronomical amount of fund, they said. That much amount of money is tantamount to investment for the public wellbeing, they asserted.   

The US is standing on the side of Japan. We should say goodbye to the US and Japan which are making their profits by grinding the south Koreans. We should put an end to lopsided relations with the US, they stressed.

Prior to this, on Oct. 2, exposing the fact that the UN Forces Command paid a visit to Cheju naval base, it is an expression of its insidious intention to exercise the rights of command through the UN Forces Command after the return of wartime operation control, the People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy denounced.

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