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Inflaming Candlelight

A candlelight rally took place on May 4 in Seoul under the sponsorship of civic organization including the April 16 Solidarity.

More than 2 000 people of various circles participated in the rally to demand the dissolution of the opposition Liberty Korea Party which caused a disturbance in the parliament. 

Amid 2 million people agreed with the dissolution of the LKP, the enraged people strongly demanded the disbandment of the LKP, while carrying placards “Dissolution of the LKP”.

Chairman Chang Hoon of the April 16 Consultative Council of Families of Victims stated that Hwang Gyo-ahn, who made desperate effort to put down the bereaved families of Sewol disaster to cover the privileged circle, was elected the head of the LKP. He stressed all those responsible for the Sewol disaster should be punished and the corrupt privileged class be liquidated.

Let us make a country where commoners live happily, I’ll make an unyielding campaign until I win goal, a woman noted. 

The bereaved families of the Gwangju uprising and Sewol disaster are feeling painful as the conservative forces are at large in south Korea, Ahn Jin-girl, chief of the Citizens’ Alliance for Democracy, said.

It decided to hold a large-scale candlelight rally in demand of the dissolution of the LKP at Gwanghwamun Plaza on Saturdays in May. 
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