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Insanity of the invasion of the north


The situation of the Korean peninsula gets more and more instable with the passage of time, owing to the war drills against the north openly conducted by the US and risky provocation act of the south Korean military war maniac.


Days ago, AH-64E V6 Apache helicopters were deployed by the USFK in the US military bases both in Pyeongtaek and Gunsan.

This is first time for the US to deploy Apache helicopter of the latest model outside its mainland.

Meanwhile, the south Korean military warmongers conducted a cold-endurance field training under the cloak of getting full preparation against attack in the area near the DMZ.


On the other hand, they dispatched P-3 sea patrol planes to the Guam for “Sea Dragon”, an antisubmarine rehearsal of multinational coalition conducted under the leadership of the US armed forces, and CN-235 air transport for “Cope North”, a joint air combat drill.

The US made public that the “Cope North” exercise is targeted at the north.

Owing to the rash military moves following the outside force, the situation of the Korean peninsula is still tensed.



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