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Intense struggle against Yoon’s policy

      President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol breached his commitment of labor made during the days of the presidential race and is inclined to conglomerate. His stance triggers sharp backlash from the labor circle.

The labor organizations including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions put the blame on the Yoon group supporting the business groups at the large-scale rallies and press conferences.  

They demanded betterment of labor conditions, claiming Yoon’s economic commitments are the policy for the business groups.

The laborers are launching an unrelenting campaign carrying placards “right to labor without discrimination”, “good labor conditions”, “change of unequal system” and “regular jobs without part time jobs”.

The Yoon regime is deaf to the laborers’ voices and intends to suppress the KCTU by branding its righteous struggle as an illegal one.                                                                           

Yoon takes no account of the laborers’ lives but regards them as a speaking machine and tools.

No laborers will be fooled by poor trick of Yoon and they would wage massive struggle for their right to live and justice in union.


In denunciation of Yoon’s policy for conglomerate

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