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Intense Struggle for Abolition of NSL

 A few days ago, the People’s Action for Abolition of the National Security Law composed of 100 civil organizations including the Bar Association for Democratic Society, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Solidarity for Progress had a press conference to declare its inauguration in Seoul.

The abolition of NSL is a task before the times and historical one which brooks no moment’s delay. The NSL has violated the basic rights of the people including freedom of idea, conscience and expression and restrained the process of democracy for 73 years, it claimed through the statement.

The NSL has not been enacted through the people’s support from the beginning. It has been fabricated in a violent and fraudulent way with the exclusive backing of the pro-Japanese elements, Park Seok-un, the representative of the Solidarity for Progress charged at the news conference. The NSL has been served as a tool to oppress the workers, chairman Yang Gyeong-su of the KCTU noted.

The participants hardened their determination to wage a nationwide action for total abolition of the NSL by dint of people’s strength before expiration of the 21st national assembly.

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