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Intense struggle for peace against war

In recent, south Korean media including Yonhap News, Newsis and Jaju Sibo reported the facts of the south Korean authorities’ introduction of the US-made weaponry, quoting researchers of the Agency for Defense Development and review of experts in north Korea.

The introduction of foreign nation-made weaponry stood at 620 million US$ in 2016 in the days of Park Geun-hye regime. The introduction of the US-made weapon reached 378 million US$, that is 61 percent. The introduction of foreign nation-made weaponry rose up 863 million US$ in 2017.  

The introduction of the US-made weapons increased by 82 percent in 2019.  South Korea paid 76 percent fund for purchasing the US-made war hardware in 2020.

3 300 million US$ are expected to pay to the US for purchasing US-made military equipment including GPS guided bomber in 2021.

Civil organizations and the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration have launched vigorous actions against the arms buildup and for implementing inter-Korean joint declarations.

They declared that they would concentrate all their effort on withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea and dissolution of the south Korea-US alliance through anti-US rallies and forums. 

The National Federation of Peasants Association, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and other organizations harden their determination to intensify the massive action against the introduction of US-made weapons, agreement of south Korea’s share of defense cost for the US forces and test of biological weapon of the US army in south Korea. 

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