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Intolerable reinvasion scheme

 Nowadays, south Korean people unleash their wrath on Japan as it was revealed that Japan has planned and made preparations to dispatch its Self-Defense Force to the Korean Peninsula in case of contingency from the 1960s.

I can hardly repress my astonishment, Japan is stepping up to become a military power, far from reflecting on its unhappy past and Japanese Self-Defense Force is not allowed to set foot on the Korean Peninsula, a member of an anti-Japanese organization in Gwangju said. .

It is surprising that Japan has mapped out its dispatch of the Self-Defense Force to the Korean Peninsula with the US in secrecy and the US and Japan are not allies but aggressors and enemies, a resident in Cheju Province said in excitement.      

The Kishida Cabinet has pretended to maintain its policy of total defense and we should not tolerate Japan’s bid to be a military giant and overseas expansion, experts in Japanese affairs noted.  

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