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Japan Harasses Peace

Japan is intensifying military action, going against the time when a dramatic change is being made and a climate of detente created on the Korean peninsula.
Shortly ago, Japan was closeted with Britain over a joint operation of monitoring the vessels of the DPRK and a joint military exercise in the open sea in coming November and December, which are reported to be commenced upon the arrival of a British frigate.
Timed to coincide with this, the Japanese defense minister openly said Japan’s “estimation of the DPRK is invariable” and that it is essential to strengthen the role of the “Self-Defence Forces”.
The Abe regime officially clarified that it started the development of artificial intelligence technology to “monitor the goods transactions of north Korea” under the pretext of strengthening the capability of monitoring the waters surrounding Japan.
These are acts to check the climate of peace being created on the Korean peninsula at any cost and ratchet up tension in the region.
Now that the world community is positively hailing the climate of detente created on the peninsula, Japan is openly showing its true nature as the force harassing peace.
The Abe regime started the monitoring with the involvement of a P-3C patrol plane and destroyer of the maritime SDF under the pretext of checking the so-called “goods transactions” of the DPRK with foreign ships since late last year.
Japan’s aim is to bolster up the capability of the maritime SDF under the pretext of “monitoring goods transactions” and expand its marine advance for reinvasion when the regional situation turns toward the positive climate of dialogue.
Japan, in its 2018 defense white paper, specified that “there is no change in its principal understanding of the ‘threat’ from north Korea” even after the DPRK-US summit in Singapore, terming the DPRK an “unprecedentedly grave and urgent threat”. This is a clear example.
The reality goes to prove that Japan does not want peace but the escalation of tension in the region including the Korean peninsula, and is making desperate efforts to worsen the climate of peace, the worldwide trend, at any cost.
It is hard to achieve durable peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and the world if Japan is allowed to chill the atmosphere of peace and set out to reinvade, persistently seeking to escalate the tension.
Today the trend of peace on the Korean peninsula is marginalizing Japan only rushing headlong into militarism while talking about the “maximum pressure” and “threat”.
Japan will get nothing from the act of destroying peace.
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