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Japan Hit for Trying to Cover up Its Past Crimes

Japan rattles the international community with the “abduction issue”.
Of late Japanese Prime Minister Abe met with US Vice-President Pence for cooperation in the “abduction issue”.
On the sidelines of his visit to Singapore for attendance of an international conference he met with heads of Southeast Asian countries for mendicancy.
This is part of despicable moves for covering up the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army and other hideous crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists.
As the DPRK has mentioned in official statements, the “abduction issue” had already been settled by the DPRK’s humanitarian measures.
The falsehood of the non-existent issue has been brought in a bolder relief as the truth behind the unscientific “evidence” advertised by the Japanese authorities insulting the sincerity of the DPRK government has been brought to light from the outset and “victims of abduction” have been discovered one after another across the archipelago.
The persistent anti-DPRK racket by the Abe group proves what the group seeks under the pretext of the “abduction issue”.
The international community has already branded Japan as a war criminal state against humanity.
During the illegal military occupation of Korea the Japanese imperialists pursued the barbarous policy of forced conscription and labour drafting, took more than 8.4 million young and middle-aged Korean people to battlefields and slave labour sites, drove 200 000 Korean women into sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army and killed more than one million innocent Koreans.
If Japan is truly interested in human rights, it should have called into question the unprecedented crimes against humanity and make reflection, apology and reparation.
Japan still describes itself as a “victim” and claims that “the abduction issue is the first and liquidation of the past next”.
Japan is making desperate efforts to distort history for whitewashing the past crimes at home and to calm down the demand of the international community for early reparation for the hideous crimes.
Clear is the conclusion.
Japan’s oft-repeated “abduction issue” is nothing but the extension of the moves designed to direct world focus at the DPRK and hide the crimes.
If Japan thinks that a mean trick can hide its past, it is truly mistaken.
The typical example is that the “foundation for reconciliation and recovery”, a product of plot of Japanese reactionaries to get rid of the issue of the sexual slavery in return for a petty amount of money, was dissolved in south Korea on November 21.
The liquidation of the past is a legal and moral obligation for Japan before the Korean nation and mankind.
A trick of Japan to bury in oblivion its history of aggression and plunder goes to fully show its illegal, immoral and shameless image before the international community.
Japan should face up to the reality and immediately stop hiding its past crimes.
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