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Japan’s Future Rests with Liquidation of Its Past

Japanese Prime Minister Abe in the New Year news conference on January 1 said that he would devote himself to the settlement of “abduction issue”, talking about complete clearing of the postwar diplomacy of Japan.
This is nothing but an impudent one peculiar to Japan to cover up its past heinous crimes against humanity at any cost and evade the liquidation of them under the pretext of the “abduction issue”.
There is no “abduction issue” as it had been already settled long ago thanks to the sincere efforts of the DPRK.
Those who are said to be “abducted” by the DPRK are being discovered one after another across Japan. Such fact proves that the abduction issue has nothing to do with the DPRK and it is only showing the inferiority of Japanese society.
Japan forcibly links up the issue spawned by its social evils with the DPRK and slanders the latter. This behaviour only gives the world an impression that it is seeking a sinister purpose, not an intention to settle the pending problems between the DPRK and Japan and promote friendship.
Japan is the abduction kingdom and the heinous criminal state against humanity.
After illegally occupying Korea in the last century, the Japanese imperialists pursued the barbarous policy of forced conscription and labour drafting, took more than 8.4 million young and middle-aged Koreans to battlefields and slave labour sites, reduced 200 000 Korean women into sexual slavers for the imperial Japanese army and mercilessly killed more than one million innocent Koreans.
In consideration of the fact that the Japanese imperialists invaded many Asian countries in the past, it is not difficult to guess how serious damage and pain they inflicted on the people of Korea and other Asian countries.
Nevertheless, Japan has not yet made a reflection and apology for its past heinous crimes, to say nothing of reparation for them.
It is making desperate efforts to build a worldwide public opinion about the “abduction issue” and thus mislead it and get rid of responsibility for its past crimes, far from drawing a lesson from the daily-increasing denunciation and criticism by the international community.
Japan is, indeed, the immoral and impudent country.
It is sadly mistaken if it thinks it can become a normal state under the pretext of the nonsensical “issue”.
First of all, it should have proper views on justice and injustice.
It is quite self-evident that a country, which justifies the historical fact it inflicted great damage and pain upon mankind without making a sincere recognition and reflection, keen apology and thorough reparation for it, can never become a normal state.
Farewell to the history of despicable crimes is the only way for Japan to improve its dirty image in the international community.
Future of Japan rests with liquidating its past.
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