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Japan’s Military Cooperation with Britain and France

Recently, Japan is running highly fevered in its moves for building up military relations with Britain, France and others.
Shortly ago, Prime Minister Abe said in a joint press conference with his British counterpart that the British frigate Montrose would be dispatched to Japan early this year as part of measures for putting pressure on the DPRK. And foreign ministers and defense ministers of France and Japan had talks on the attendance of a French sea-patrol plane, frigate and nuclear carrier Charles de Gaulle in a joint drill with the “Self-Defence Forces” of Japan from April.
The escalated military cooperation of the Japanese reactionaries with other countries under the pretext of the “DPRK issue” are the revelation of their wicked intention to worsen the situation on the Korean peninsula at any cost by inviting other countries in their moves and thus speed up the moves to realize their ambition for reinvasion and revival of militarism.
A fresh climate of peace and stability is being created along with the downfall of the old confrontational structure at the present historic turning point that witnesses the improvement of the touch-and-go situation on the Korean peninsula.
Japan is ostracized in the current trend of the international situation as it has been displeased to see such development of situation and has worked hard to reverse it. Nevertheless, it is scheming to take military actions together with France and Britain to worsen the situation, stunning the international community.
It is not fortuitous that foreign media, including AFP, ridicule Japan is taking precautions against China and north Korea by soliciting France in the situation that the Trump administration remains doubtful in its will to defend its Asian allies.
Today Japan’s neighbouring countries and regions need no tension to be caused by military threat against others, but remain quite contrary to Japan’s war-thirsty remarks.
Therefore, it is a foolish behaviour that the Japanese authorities try to make a progress in materializing their wild ambition for militarization and reinvasion with the backing of someone, while talking about sanctions and pressure, irrespective of the trend of the times.
In particular, the dispatch of warships by some countries to the waters around the Korean peninsula under the pretext of implementing the UNSC’s “sanctions resolutions” comes to be a dangerous military provocation to infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and incite tension and confrontation.
Worse still, they are going to take military actions against the DPRK together with Japan which does not get rid of the disgrace of an enemy state for inflicting untold holocaust upon Asians in the last century and is working hard to produce justification for its militarization by bedeviling the situation of the Korean peninsula. This is incurring the great wrath of the Korean people.
The stabilized situation on the Korean peninsula and in the region is never something that came true with ease, and any country desirous of genuine peace is bound to value the current situation.
To propel the development of the positive situation on the Korean peninsula, not to go against it, is the responsibility to be fulfilled by the UNSC member that is on a mission to ensure global peace and security.
Whoever goes against the peaceful trend created on the Korean peninsula and in the region can never evade the blame for the consequences to be entailed by it.
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