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Japan’s Military Moves Blasted

Intensified overseas advance of Japan’s military forces is drawing serious concern of the international community.
The Japanese Ministry of Defense recently made a formal announcement that it would dispatch its ground “Self-Defense Force” to Vietnam for the first time in Asia.
This means the expansion of the sphere of SDF overseas military operation to Asia. The sphere was confined to Africa, where SDF troops were deployed under the pretext of “UN peace-keeping activities.”
On November 5, SDF kicked off the largest-ever joint military drills in league with the US and Canada under the pretence of “stability of the India-Pacific region.”
Commenting on it, Reuters reported on November 3 that Japan has buckled down to military buildup, being concerned about the security of Asia and it dispatched its biggest warship Kaga to various countries in the India-Pacific region, including the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore within two months this year. Observers appreciated that the joint military drills are targeted at China bolstering up its military force in the South China Sea, the British news agency added.
The aim sought by Japan in intensifying military drills with various countries in an all-round way outside its archipelago is as clear as noonday.
Japan seeks to materialize its wild dream for overseas expansion by making SDF’s military operation easier across the world and perfecting the actual war capability of SDF.
The Japanese reactionaries, being crazy about the revanchist ambition, have never dropped the wild dream for overseas expansion.
With the modification of the “Japan-US Defense Cooperation Guidelines” and the adoption of the “security law” in recent years, Japan expanded the SDF’s operational sphere confined to its vicinity to cover the whole world. It also made it possible to exercise the “right to collective self-defence” under the pretext of military aids to “allies.”
The SDF has cunningly paved its path for overseas expansion bit by bit under the pretext of “keeping peace” and “combating terrorism.” It has reached the phase of beating its military drums across the world, hyping “proactive pacifism.”
Now that politicians of Japan are hurrying to revise the constitution to specify the existence of the SDF in the constitution in the wake of Prime Minister Abe’s re-election as president of the Liberal Democratic Party, it is clear that Japan is openly pursuing the overseas advance of its military force.
Japan is a country which inflicted untold disasters upon the peoples of Asian countries in the past century. It is just a defeated nation which is banned from exercising the right of belligerency and the rights to participate in a war and having a regular army. Its military’s projected overseas advance just means a war of aggression and such an attempt is definitely a crime.
The Japanese reactionaries should be well aware of the fact that their desperate military moves will only make their country further isolated and rejected by the peoples of the region and the international community.
Revival of militarism will bring only miserable ruin to Japan.
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